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Register Your Center with AMSD Today! 

Are you passionate about contributing to the growth and well-being of your community? Take your impact to the next level by registering your spiritual direction center with The Association of Multifaith Spiritual Directors (AMSD). AMSD Centers, led by CMSDs like you, are beacons of wisdom, compassion, and spiritual support. 

Why Register Your Center with AMSD? 

  1. Visibility and Recognition: Gain visibility within the broader spiritual community. Showcase your center as a trusted space for multifaith spiritual direction, elevating your profile as a Certified Multifaith Spiritual Director. 
  1. Community Connection: Connect with a network of like-minded professionals. AMSD Centers foster collaboration, providing opportunities to share insights, resources, and best practices with fellow CMSDs. 
  1. Client Referrals: AMSD actively guides individuals seeking spiritual direction to certified centers. Registering your center ensures you’re part of this referral network, expanding your reach and impact. 
  1. Educational Opportunities: Access exclusive workshops, seminars, and educational resources. Stay abreast of the latest developments in spiritual direction, enhancing your skills and enriching the services you offer. 

How to Register Your Center: 

  1. Complete the Online Registration Form: Visit the AMSD website and fill out the straightforward registration form. Provide essential details about your center, its services, and the CMSDs on staff. 
  1. Verification Process: Our team will review your submission to ensure it aligns with AMSD standards. Once approved, your center will be officially recognized as an AMSD Center. 
  1. Showcase Your Center: Demonstrate your commitment to excellence in multifaith spiritual direction. 

Make a lasting impact and showcase your commitment to excellence in spiritual direction. Register your center with AMSD and become an integral part of our esteemed network of Certified Multifaith Spiritual Directors. 


  • Annual Dues: Annual dues of $150 ensure the ongoing support and promotion of AMSD Centers. Center dues are waived in the primary CMSD’s first year with AMSD. 

Join us in creating a community where multifaith spiritual direction thrives. Register your center with AMSD and be a vital force in uplifting the spiritual well-being of those seeking guidance. Let your center shine within the AMSD network! 

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