AMSD Certified Multifaith Spiritual Director

Certification as a Multifaith Spiritual Director (CMSD): Elevate Your Spiritual Direction Journey 

Congratulations on your commitment to becoming a Certified Multifaith Spiritual Director (CMSD), the pinnacle of industry standards set by The Association of Multifaith Spiritual Directors (AMSD). The CMSD designation is a recognition of your dedication to the highest standards in spiritual direction, with a rigorous board panel review process ensuring excellence. 

CMSD Candidate Standards: 

  1. Active AMSD Affiliate in Good Standing 
  • Be an AMSD Affiliate in good standing actively participating in a peer group with other spiritual directors. 
  1. Master’s or Doctoral Degree in a Related Field 
  • Provide documentation of your academic qualifications. 
  1. Resume’ and/or Curriculum Vitae 
  • Showcase your professional journey in spiritual direction. 
  1. 2 Spiritual Director Verbatims / Case Conferences 
  • Demonstrate your practical skills through real-life scenarios. 
  1. Articulate Mastery of AMSD Competencies 
  • Respond to prompts showcasing your expertise in AMSD competencies. 
  1. Autobiographical Statement 
  • Reflect on your spiritual journey, integrating psycho-dynamic principles with personal growth. 
  1. Programs Contributing to the 200-Hour Requirement 
  • Submit a detailed list of completed programs, including dates, length, and nature of the program. 
  1. Statement from Your Spiritual Director 
  • Confirm a minimum of 24 hours spent as a Spiritual Directee. 
  1. Denominational Endorsement (if required) 
  • Provide endorsement as per your faith body’s requirements. 
  1. Committee Meeting 
  • Successfully meet a committee for CMSD approval or receive recommendations for improvement. 

Start Your Transformation 

Embark on this transformative journey toward CMSD certification. Your dedication to the highest standards in spiritual direction will be recognized and celebrated. We eagerly anticipate the privilege of welcoming you to the esteemed community of AMSD Certified Multifaith Spiritual Directors. 


  • Annual Dues: $250 for AMSD Certified Multifaith Spiritual Directors. 

Begin your CMSD journey by submitting the required documents and start the next chapter of your spiritual direction career.