AMSD Affiliate

AMSD Affiliate membership is open to anyone who supports the mission of AMSD and has an interest in the intersection of spirituality and clinical psychotherapy. Annual Dues are $100 for AMSD Affiliates.

AMSD Certified Multifaith Spiritual Director

AMSD Certified Multifaith Spiritual Director are held to the highest industry standards, including a board panel review. Successful candidates are bestowed the board certification letters of CMSD. CMSD Candidates meet the following standards:

1. Belong to The Association of Multifaith Spiritual Directors
2. Member of The Association of Multifaith Spiritual Directors in Good Standing
3. Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree in related field (diploma or transcript on file)
4. Resume’ and/or Curriculum Vitae (in file)
5. 2 Spiritual Director Verbatims / Case Conferences
6. Demonstrate / Articulate / Indicate Mastery of Organization Standards-Objectives-Competencies
(written paper)
7. Please share an autobiographical statement that explores your spiritual journey, highlighting
moments of self-awareness and self-reflection? Additionally, how have you integrated your
understanding of psycho-dynamic principles with your spiritual development, offering insights
into your holistic growth and transformation?
8. Please provide a list of programs you have completed which contribute to the 200-hour
requirement for Certification as a Multifaith Spiritual Director. This can include Cohort and
Experiential Fellowship, Residency, Internship, etc. Be sure to include dates, program, length of
program, and synchronous or asynchronous.
9. Please include a statement from your Spiritual Director attesting to a minimum of 24 hours as a
Spiritual Directee.
10. Denominational Endorsement (if necessary from your faith body)
11. Successfully meet a committee that either approves you for CMSD or gives you
recommendations and a time to return to the committee.

Please submit the documents below to begin the process. Annual Dues are $250 for AMSD Certified Multifaith Spiritual Directors.

AMSD Center

AMSD Centers have at least one AMSD Certified Spiritual Director on staff. AMSD Centers are the first line in referrals to new clients. Annual Dues are $200 for AMSD Centers.